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  • Dharma Life
    Dharma Life is building a network of female change leaders who drive behaviour change and provide access to socially impactful products to rural households.
    Raise Living Standards
  • Maya
    Maya provides a mobile-based digital wellbeing assistant that eliminates barriers – particularly for women – to accessing health advice from experts.
    Digital Health
  • Bhumijo
    Bhumijo provides access to clean, inclusive and technology-enabled toilets – in markets and other public spaces – through a subscription or pay-per-use model.
    TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive
  • Folia Water
    Folia Water’s nanosilver-infused Folia filter paper is the world’s first water filter for pennies, not dollars.
    TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive
  • Kasha
    Designed by women, for women, this confidential and convenient digital and last mile distribution platform sells health and household goods.
    Digital Health
  • Spring Health
    Spring Health provides affordable, safe drinking water to underserved households, using innovative purifying methods, distributed via its rural network.
    TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive
  • Saraplast
    Saraplast provides safe and hygienic public toilets to women and girls by converting old buses into beautiful, static public toilets.
    TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive
  • Drinkwell
    Drinkwell provides affordable, safe drinking water to people living without piped water, using water ATM machines and pay-as-you-go, prepayment cards.
    TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive
  • Shobar Jonno Pani (SJP)
    Almost 20 percent of Bangladeshis do not have access to a source of clean, safe drinking water and 44 percent do not have access to a functioning sanitation system. This results in poor health conditions and environmental degradation, with water contaminated by waste. Shobar Jonno Pani (SJP), or Water for All, was created in 2010 by French NGO, Eau et Vie. It works to ensure permanent access to reliable, treated water services in deprived urban neighbourhoods, by providing piped water directly to homes at an affordable price. SJP has an agreement with communities and local authorities to build and distribute their water networks, as well as build a billing and payment network. It also provides behaviour change and community support, such as awareness about the importance of drinking clean water and builds fire hydrants into the water network, training a squad of female firefighters from the local community to use them. TRANSFORM funded the testing of a new service selling biofil toilets, using earthworms to treat waste, similar to a garden composter. The project helped SJP to scale the business in Dhaka and put in place a customer-facing value proposition, a brand logo and materials to publicise the business. A video was also created. Through TRANSFORM, the Unilever team also shared behaviour change experience to help SJP develop campaigns on menstrual health management and handwashing, adapting Lifebuoy materials for a low-income context for the first time. This included interactive elements via posters, puzzles and story books, immediately increasing understanding among school children and women. During the pandemic, training for staff to use personal protective equipment and maintain services safely was also included.
    Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Women in Africa

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