Including All: World Water Week returns in August

Published on: 13/08/2019




Including All: World Water Week returns in August

Water is the one resource we could not live without. However, there are currently 2 billion people across the world affected by water stress and an estimated 844 million people lack access to a basic drinking-water service. That is why, each year, the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) organizes World Water Week.

An expansion of the Stockholm Water Symposium, which first took place in 1991, to discuss issues related to water governance with both public and private actors, World Water Week has been taking place in the Swedish capital for almost 30 years. This year, it runs between the 25th and 30th of August.

It is considered the most influential movement focused on transforming global water challenges, involving over 3,300 people from 130 countries and offering up to 270 sessions in a six-day period.

Water for society

World Water Week aims to be much more than just an event, but rather an international movement. It is organised through an open call and involves 400 organizations. Taking place between the 25th and 30th of August, this year’s theme is ‘Water for society: Including all’.

Inspired by the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), the goal is to understand how to make water available to everyone in an inclusive way, in keeping with the motto of ‘leaving no one behind’.

Featuring an extremely rich program, it will tackle the challenges that specific populations face when accessing water, such as refugees, people with disabilities and indigenous people, but also the possibilities of innovating water access through technology and how to combat key challenges, such as pollution and corruption.

It also features events that look to harness gender diversity and inclusion, an important analysis since women and girls are often responsible for fetching water, spending around 6 hours each day collecting water in areas affected by water stress.

A rich programme

Besides events that present research, policy briefs and case studies, World Water Week also promotes the High Level Ministerial Dialogue on Inclusive Water Governance, with a focus on Africa, and the High-level panel on water diplomacy - Leaving no one behind. There will also be events for networking and socialising, for example the City of Stockholm Welcome Cocktail Reception.

Highlights also include the Stockholm Junior Water Prize Award Ceremony, which honours a young person between 15 and 20-years-old who has created a water-related project, and the Stockholm Water Prize Ceremony and Royal Banquet, celebrating valuable achievements related to water governance.

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