TRANSFORM joins SAP, Unilever and MovingWorlds at the 2021 Social Enterprise World Forum

Published on: 21/09/2021

TRANSFORM was delighted to sponsor this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum

On Wednesday 29th September, TRANSFORM joined SAP, Unilever and MovingWorlds at this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum.

TRANSFORM is a unique joint initiative between Unilever, the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and EY. Established in 2015, it works to accelerate impact enterprises, blending funding and support to deliver market-based solutions to the world’s biggest development challenges.

We use our capabilities and expertise in marketing, distribution, digital, and business resilience to deliver transformative market-based solutions to low-income households in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia that last. So far, we have supported 56 projects in 13 countries.

TRANSFORM provides grant funding of up to £300,000 and tailored business assistance to social entrepreneurs. If you have a problem that Unilever, the FCDO and EY could help you solve through TRANSFORM, please write a short summary of your business and the project you would like to work with us on here.


Session 1: Masterclass: Value proposition and marketing development

Unilever & TRANSFORM’s Sustainable Behaviour Change Manager, Lisa Hawkes, hosted an insightful masterclass at #SEWF2021. During the session, Lisa shared the principles that Unilever and TRANSFORM have discovered while helping enterprises develop their value propositions and marketing.

Session 2: Corporate Social Partnerships with SAP and Unilever

Unilever’s Global Sustainability Director Clive Allison and TRANSFORM supported enterprise Drinkwell’s Co-Founder & CEO Minhaj Chowdhury joined the Corporate Social Partnerships panel discussion with SAP at #SEWF2021. During the session, they shared learnings from TRANSFORM initiatives as well as opportunities for other corporates to engage. They also discussed the added social value that can be created when corporations and social enterprises collaborate. 

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