Driving sales agent performance at the last mile

Published on: 28/07/2021

Sales agents are an integral channel for many FMCG companies to reach the last-mile customer, who are often not served or underserved by regular distribution networks, in emerging markets. However, there are two key issues that limit their success and scale in reaching the last mile: how to increase sales agent performance and reduce agent attrition.  From the agent’s perspective; how to make more business and better earnings?

The recently concluded D2D project funded by TRANSFORM and  implemented by Bopinc explored the mentioned challenges. Working with 60 agents across two states, the result was having sold over 500 PAYG solar lanterns, 100 improved stoves and facilitated over 1,000 DFS transactions.

The project  showed that FMCG agents were able to successfully adopt the new products and services and grow their overall business. However, to build a sustainable business model it is  essential to first digitally and financially capacitate sales agents. 

Read more about the insights and key learning from the project here.

Bopinc have built out the Key learnings into a framework called the BIG IDEA.  Read more about this framework here.

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