Shobar Jonno Pani (SJP)

Providing safe water to urban slum communities

Area of Focus:

Transform helped SJP to expand its water and hygiene component, enabling lower-cost access to WASH services in the wake of COVID-19

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The challenge

Many Bangladeshis cannot afford WASH services – an issue that was deepened by COVID-19. The challenge was to enable underserved communities to access these facilities at a time when the need was at its greatest, but accessibility was at its lowest.

TRANSFORM is supporting SJP by providing grant funding to enable lower-cost access to increase reach and impact, training staff to use PPE to maintain services safely during the pandemic, and increasing available information and behaviour change programming.

The impact enterprise

SJP provides affordable sanitation and water facilities to underserved and low-income communities in Dhaka’s slums.

The idea

TRANSFORM helped SJP to expand its water and hygiene component, enabling lower-cost access to WASH services in the wake of COVID-19. During the first few months of Bangladesh’s lockdown, SJP offered 7m3 (7,000 litres) of water per month to 9,000 households.

The implementation

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More affordable subscription

SJP is offering a discount on the price of water for its new and existing users, preventing customers from opting for illegal and unsafe alternative provider – increasing their reach and access when it is needed most.

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Increase marketing and awareness

New tools are being developed and deployed to continue raising awareness, providing the means and information to help Bangladeshis stay safe during COVID-19, with a particular focus on handwashing behaviour. These invaluable behaviours will help their customers stay safe post COVID-19.

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Protection to the team

The grant allows SJP to roll out training so that staff can safely use PPE and reach more people, helping to protect business continuity in the process.

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