Equipping pharmacies as COVID-19 first-responders

Area of Focus:

TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive helped Jeeon respond to the crisis in an agile manner and train and support last-mile pharmacies quickly and effectively.  

Rubaya Khan

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The challenge

Pharmacies and drug stores are first-points-of-care for over 70% of the population of Bangladesh. Ensuring they are equipped with access to knowledge, information and PPE is crucial to tackling COVID-19 in rural communities.

TRANSFORM helped Jeeon to provide COVID-19-specific support to pharmacies and other Informal Healthcare Providers (IHPs) during the pandemic, enabling them to become effective first-responders in their communities.

The impact enterprise

Jeeon upgrades neighbourhood micro-pharmacies into quality primary health providers using technology, training and formal sector connections.

The idea

Project SafeResponse: pivoting Jeeon’s core operations towards COVID-19 support, in order to meet the urgent needs of pharmacies and their communities during the pandemic.

The implementation


Online Certification course for pharmacies

approved by WHO to train pharmacies around COVID-19 and how to respond


PPE procurement and distribution

including high-quality masks and gloves, distributed to vulnerable IHPs nationwide


Up-to-date information and behaviour change tools

accessed via a Facebook group and information repository

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