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Survive & Thrive helped Maya to increase access to medical expertise and information on COVID-19 during the pandemic.

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The challenge

As the COVID-19 pandemic reached Bangladesh, there was an urgent need to provide access to expert medical advice and information on the virus to people around the country, but few organisations with the scale or reach to do this effectively.

Our challenge was to help Maya to reach people who urgently needed health information and advice but were unable to access it via the usual routes due to the pandemic.

The impact enterprise

Maya is a digital health and well-being platform that gives users access to expert health advice and information via their smartphone.

The idea

Increase Maya’s capabilities to meet rapidly rising demand, so that more people can access critical health advice and information during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The implementation

By increasing subscription numbers, Maya will reduce the price of the service, making the service more affordable and giving access to lower income users in rural and peri-urban areas, who often struggle to access health advice.

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Increase marketing

Maya increased their marketing activity to attract more users to the platform, increasing their subscribers.

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More affordable subscriptions

Due to the increase in subscription numbers, Maya was able to reduce the price of subscriptions.

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Increased access to health information and COVID-19 information

People living on lower incomes, often underserved by existing healthcare options, were able to subscribe to Maya at lower cost. Users also receive push notifications for content on COVID-19.

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