Spring Health

Providing rural communities with access to disinfectant and hand sanitizer

Area of Focus:

TRANSFORM supported Spring Health with the introduction of new products, allowing them to strengthen their customer base, diversify their income stream, and increase awareness

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The challenge

Spring Health knew that hand sanitizer and disinfectant would be crucial in helping rural communities tackle the spread of COVID-19. They sought to address the lack of access to these products, as well as continue to provide safe drinking water.

The TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive platform offered both financial and business support through network and supply chain connections, FMCG product experience and awareness raising resources.

The impact enterprise

Spring Health provides affordable, safe drinking water to underserved households in India, using innovative methods to purify the water.

The idea

The Survive & Thrive platform generated local partnership discussions and enabled the provision of low-cost hygiene products, opening a new segment of business for Spring Health while responding to the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable communities.

The implementation



Provision of hand sanitizers and basic hygiene products, such as disinfectants, at a very low cost.


WASH Programme

Creation of a WASH program in schools and awareness raising about the importance of WASH, as well as the importance of safe drinking water.

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