Terms & Conditions

TRANSFORM Climate Challenge – in collaboration with Climate Innovation Fund by SAJIDA Foundation and British Asian Trust

Please read the following terms and conditions before submitting your application to the TRANSFORM Climate Challenge:


  • Participating or proposed enterprises should be independent entities, meaning that they should not be a subsidiary of an existing corporation or have legal ties to a government body.
  • The applicant should be a registered company in Bangladesh. The shareholding by Bangladeshi promoters in the company should be at least 51%.
  • Applicant must have innovative solution/business model to tackle the said problem.
  • Applicant must be an enterprise with operational business model and existing market traction.


  • Submissions which are incomplete will be deemed void and disqualified from the evaluations.
  • Submissions should be the original work of the participant/participating entity and should demonstrate positive social or environmental impact, have a disruptive technology innovation with potential to be sustainable and scalable in Bangladesh (though not exclusively in the region).
  • Selected enterprises agree to the use of their names, photographs, disclosure of their country of residence; and are required to co-operate with any other reasonable requests by the organiser relating to any publicity-related activities.
  • Selected enterprises are required to submit a declaration of good standing and solvency at the final stage of evaluation. If there is any change in circumstance that invalidates their good standing and solvency, the team is to immediately inform the organisers.
  • Selected enterprises must be open for TRANSFORM’s due diligence and willing to share all the necessary documentation required during the due diligence process.
  • All participants own the rights to their ideas. Participants must properly acknowledge any trademarks, patented or copyrighted materials of others that are incorporated into the submission materials. Participants are responsible for obtaining any necessary permission before utilising such materials into their submissions.
  • Submitted ideas are protected in the spirit of non-disclosure, and all submitted materials will be treated as company confidential. The only people with access to the entry materials will be evaluators/judges, partners and select members of the organising committee. Materials will not be distributed to any other party unless requested by a participant. No other provisions are made to protect intellectual property.
  • Participants are advised not to disclose critical information which would affect a successful filing of patent(s). All presentations are open to the general public, and some presentations may be videotaped. Attendance by media personnel may be expected in the final stages of the programme. Any data or information discussed or divulged in public sessions by participants should be considered information that will likely enter the public realm, and entrants should not assume any right of confidentiality in any data or information discussed, divulged or presented in these sessions.


  • The selection of the enterprises is at the sole discretion of the judges and the organisers from TRANSFORM and partnering organisations. Best efforts will be made to make decisions in accordance with this document.
  • Throughout any and all phases of the evaluations, all decisions of the judges are final.


  • The organisers of this programme reserve the right to disqualify any participant who is found to have violated the spirit of the programme guidelines and terms and conditions stated herein. Disqualified participants shall forfeit any and all prizes awarded to them.
  • The organisers reserve the right to amend these rules at any point before the last date to submit the application in line with the overall goal of the programme.
  • The indicated dates for the call for applications may be revised at any point of time by the organisers. Any change in schedule will be suitably intimated on the webpage and on other relevant platforms.