Last-mile distribution of clean, energy-efficient solutions for rural households

Founded in 2011, Frontier Markers is a last-mile distribution company that aims to make life easier for rural households with clean, energy-efficient solutions that meet the needs of their families and communities. 

The organisation uses market insights to drive its bottom-up strategy to reach the last mile. Leveraging a network of entrepreneurs to understand the customer and develop the full value chain from product development to marketing, distribution, financing and after-sales service, Frontier Markets has a network of 3,000 micro-woman entrepreneurs, who have access to 3 million people in the Indian state of Rajasthan with a rock solid plan to increase the network and reach in 2020. In the last six years, it has leveraged this network to sell solar lighting and solar lighting home systems to 400,000 customers.

TRANSFORM is supporting Frontier Markets in its mission to overcome the challenges regarding access to clean water. With a consumer-centric approach, it aims to reach the last-mile rural communities to drive awareness, create demand for and provide access to safe drinking water. The project aims not only to impact the ability of households to access safe water, but also empower women entrepreneurs to become safe water experts and earn income to impact their wellbeing and that of their families.