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All impact enterprises share the goal of creating positive change through business. They also share the same challenges in measuring and evaluating (M&E) the impact they are having on the communities they are targeting.

This resource outlines five key steps to measuring and evaluating the impact of your business. Enterprises that take ownership of this business imperative will be at an advantage; putting themselves in the strongest position to refine strategic approaches and maximise impact. The five key steps are:

  1. Define a clear vision
  2. Choose your indicators
  3. Create a practical plan for data collection and analysis
  4. Share data with stakeholders
  5. Learn and improve

Crucial to this process is the creation of a Theory of Change – an approach used to understand why and how a desired change is expected to come about as a result of an action. A ToC strengthens a programme’s design, ensures all stakeholders are aligned to project objectives, and helps to generate greater and more meaningful impact. Click here to download TRANSFORM’s template ToC to map your own route to impact.

Access TRANSFORM’s Measurement & Evaluation Guide via the link below.

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