Protecting a generation of impact enterprises

TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive is a collaborative platform to inspire, support and connect impact enterprises whose futures are threatened by the economic and societal impacts of COVID-19.

Our Mission

Our mission

Built on the TRANSFORM initiative’s aim to improve the lives of low-income households through commercially sustainable, market-based solutions, the TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive mission is to mount an enterprise-led response to COVID-19 while building resilience for the future of impact entrepreneurship.

How to get involved

Join the TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive community to collaborate with other enterprises and our contributing partners.

Latest tools and resources

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Impact stories

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive is helping Folia and BRAC to increase access to clean drinking water for low-income consumers in rural Bangladesh.
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NaijaCare will equip PPMVs in Lagos with the information and resources they need to serve their communities through the pandemic.
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Active projects

Browse our active TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive projects to find opportunities to collaborate with other organisations.

Our network

We are seeking corporate, nonprofit and other like-minded organisations to work with us to help expand and enhance the proposition to impact enterprises, and drive scale and impact together.

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Our contributing partners

Our network of contributing partners offer specialist technical and sector expertise, as well as access to crucial finance for impact enterprises.

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Impact enterprises

Our impact enterprises are tackling some of the world’s most pressing development challenges in an inclusive, sustainable and relevant way for the world’s most vulnerable.

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