Atul Tax

COVID-19 Communication Network

The CCN curates tools and resources to help health and development professionals use social and behavior change communication to address COVID.

Daniel Pink on the Art of Selling

In this course, you with learn to better understand your audience and convince them to take clear actions in a personal and purposeful way.

Storytelling for Change

In this hands-on Acumen Academy course, you’ll develop your personal story and integrate it into a larger presentation to inspire change.

Marketing Toolkit

This Marketing Toolkit is designed to help you transform your business, by developing your own marketing and stand out against competitors.

PR Toolkit

Build your business through effective communications.

mHealth design toolkit

A collection of insights, tools and key principles to increase adoption and customer uptake of mobile health services by involving end-users.

EY consulting services

EY professionals provide hands-on or virtual services on a not-for-profit basis to help impact enterprises respond to COVID-19.