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Tomorrow’s sales organisations can be built today by leaders who balance short-term needs with long-term priorities.

Increasingly, buyers are getting better at buying than sellers are at selling. Buyers have now come to expect immediate value from every interaction but sales organisations struggle to keep up.

This is what we’ve discovered:

  • 23% of buyers cited salespeople as one of the top 3 resources for advice
  • 70% would rather wait to ask a vendor to help solve their problems
  • >60% describe salespeople as interchangeable

To guide sales leaders on a necessary re-examination of their sales organisations, LinkedIn and Miller Heiman Group (now part of Korn Ferry) have identified three pillars that sales organisations can build on to achieve greater sales effectiveness.

  • Invest in shaped sales methodology
  • Commit to continuous reinforcement with coaching and goals
  • Pair it with sales technology 
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