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Running a Profitable Business: Understanding Cash Flow

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About this resource

The cash flow statement is one of the three primary financial statements, but because it has only been around since 1988, many traditional business analysis models don't include it. And improper cash flow can mean the death of a business. This course reviews all the important topics you need to know for proper cash flow management and analysis. Professors Jim and Kay Stice review the difference between net income and operating cash flow, show how to interpret a cash flow statement, introduce the Jim Stice operating cash flow matrix, and describe some real cash flow catastrophes and triumphs at companies such as General Motors and Home Depot.

What you'll learn:

  • Review the need for a startup company to have sufficient cash flows
  • Identify the components of a statement of cash flows
  • Relate the concepts of cash flow analysis to a scenario
  • Explore the direct and indirect methods of reporting cash flows
  • Describe the operating cycle of a business
  • Infer the outcome of decisions made by corporate managers


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