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Today there is still a ‘usage gap’ of 3.4 billion people who have access to mobile broadband coverage, but are either unable or unwilling to use it.

GSMA research has consistently shown that low levels of basic digital literacy are one of the main barriers to mobile internet adoption. To address this, in 2016 the GSMA Connected Society programme – with financial support from FCDO – developed the Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit (MISTT), a set of resources to promote digital literacy, help people use the internet more safely on their mobile and ensure they have the skills required for a digital future.

The MISTT uses a “train the trainer” approach and consists of short lessons in a PDF format and videos that can easily be adapted to local needs and languages. The MISTT has already been translated in 6 languages: English, French, Swahili, Hindi, Bengali and Kinyarwanda. Videos are also available in four West African languages: Yoruba, Dendi, Fon and Nago.

MISTT modules include an introductory module that covers the basics of the internet, including internet safety and costs, as well as modules on Wikipedia, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Google. More modules were also added covering digital financial literacy; how to set-up and use Android; how to use kaiOS; how to use internet for people with hearing and visual impairment; and online safety and child protection. The MISTT has now been deployed in 21 countries and has impacted over 2 million globally.

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