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Managing Stress for Positive Change

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In the workplace, stress is often viewed in purely negative terms. It's seen as a response that should simply be minimized or pushed aside; however, it's possible to use stress to fuel positive change. In this course, join instructor Heidi Hanna, PhD as she discusses what stress is, exactly; how you can train yourself to use stress in more effective ways; and what managers can do to reduce employee stress when an organization experiences difficult times. She covers how individuals can use stress for good by assessing and adjusting it, as well as what you-as a manager-can do to create an environment and communication style that helps connect employees to the bigger picture.

What you'll learn:

  • Define "stress" and explain why it often occurs in the workplace
  • Recognise the differences between acute and chronic stress
  • List the three steps for managing stress
  • Name the three things the brain craves
  • Identify the differences between primary stress reactions
  • Recall the benefits of rhythmic breathing
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