Lean Data Approaches to Measure Social Impact

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About this resource

This course is designed for social enterprises and nonprofits who are looking for an agile, effective and low-cost way to better understand their customers and assess social impact. It is not specifically designed for experienced monitoring and evaluation professionals – although they may find useful tips and suggestions, especially with respect to remote surveying techniques such as phone calls and SMS.

Learn How To:

  • Use Acumen's Lean Data framework as an alternative to the traditional "monitoring and evaluation" approach
  • Pinpoint data collection opportunities in your customer journey
  • Create a streamlined survey to understand why your product, service or program is meaningful to customers
  • Identify an appropriate technology to rapidly collect data
  • Run a Lean Data sprint within your own organisation
  • Present customer insights and recommendations to stakeholders

This course is free and 5-weeks long. The next edition starts on March 16 2021.

Acumen Academy is the World’s School for Social Change. Its mission is to unleash a new generation of social innovators and leaders with the character and competence to build a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. Since 2006, it has offered 39 online courses offering tools to build social businesses and a better world, with over 1 million sign-ups from 193 different countries.

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