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Become a customer service specialist by learning skills from LinkedIn Learning. Learn to listen to customer needs and build rapport with those you're helping.

Discover how to provide great customer service and make your customers feel heard. Develop and sustain great relationships, even when customers get abusive or unruly. Learn skills to listen to customer needs, build rapport with those you're helping, and turn challenging customers into true allies.

  • Build key listening skills so your customers feel heard.
  • Develop your customer service problem-solving skills.
  • Learn to de-escalate challenging situations.

LinkedIn Learning's self-paced courses are taught by industry experts so you can learn relevant and applicable skills that you can show off during the interview process, then on-the-job.

Learning path details:

  • Top in-demand skills: Customer satisfaction & experience, data entry, CRM, admin analysis
  • Learning paths are organized sequentially to take you step-by-step through each skill area
  • 5h 26m of content
  • 8 items of learning content
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