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ADVANCE is GIF’s corporate partnership led by Unilever, that will help unlock the private sector investment needed to scale up new business models and achieve impact at scale.

As part of ADVANCE, portfolio companies Drinkwell and Mr. Green Africa, are making headway towards achieving the SDGs through resilient and inclusive value chains and universal access to basic services.

Through Water ATM-enabled systems Drinkwell’s solution has the potential to improve the lives of low-income urban slumdwellers in Bangladesh where there is a low rate of piped clean drinking water. Drinkwell has scaled its innovative systems as part of a unique partnership with some of the leading water utilities in Bangladesh and India.

MGA is a plastics recycling company disrupting the current informal and exploitative plastic recycling sector in Kenya. Waste management is a huge issue in Africa and Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, is no exception. The city produces around 2,400 tonnes a day, of which roughly 60% is collected and only around 10% recycled.  Waste pickers collect waste and sell it on. They aren’t employed and are routinely exploited by traders who pay them very low amount or don’t buy from them at all. MGA recycles and sells ethically sourced materials with a traceable social and environmental impact. It currently engages over 2,000 previously marginalised waste collectors and sells fairly sourced recycled materials for local and international markets.

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