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At the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, we believe in the power of communication to save lives, by empowering people to adopt healthy behaviors for themselves, their families and their communities. As pioneers in the field of social and behavior change communication, we are leaders and innovators, working to ensure that good health is accessible to all.

CCP is committed to nurturing a global network of health, development and communication champions who are ready to respond to evolving challenges and we’ve created resources and tools to help:

  • COVID-19 Communication Network - Curated materials to help health and development professionals use social and behavior change communication to address COVID
  • SBCC Implementation Kits - Streamlined digital resources that provide step-by-step approaches to integrating social and behavior change communication strategies into programs. Topics include gender, urban adolescent sexual and reproductive health and Ebola preparedness.
  • Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice COVID-19 Dashboard - An interactive visualization designed for policymakers and public health officials who rely on data and informed decision-making to craft public health messages and campaigns related to COVID-19
  • Knowledge Management Resources – Practical knowledge management tools for family planning and reproductive health professionals 
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