Ubuntu Power provides solar power and unrestricted internet to off grid communities

Ubuntu Power provides solar power and unrestricted internet to off grid communities, both peri-urban and more remote rural areas, in Sub-Saharan Africa. The innovation lies in combining both the power and internet provision together into one central system and using the revenue from the community’s mobile usage and mast rental to fund the electricity generation and community services.

The system will provide affordable 24/7 electricity and unrestricted internet to institutions and village residents, and will serve a minimum of 250 households on average. The hubs will also contain LED lights, which provide street lighting, optional TV screens and dedicated space within the hub can be used for other beneficial community services.

TRANSFORM will support Ubuntu Power to roll‐out its first community solar hub in Kenya. Specifically, TRANSFORM will support Ubuntu Power by providing funding that will allow for the creation and full analysis of the pilot.

It will allow for quicker scale and help Ubuntu Power become completely self-sustainable thereby expanding across Kenya and into additional countries. In addition, having access to the TRANSFORM partner’s expertise in supply chain, distribution network, and regional knowledge will be pivotal in the successful deployment of the initial cluster of power generators.

Over the next five years, Ubuntu Power aims to grow the organisation to positively impact over 1 million beneficiaries in Kenya. Learnings from the pilot in Kenya will test assumptions for creating a viable model for scale that can subsequently be scaled to other countries.

Juan Herrada, Founder and CEO of Ubuntu Power said, “We are proud to be part of the TRANSFORM programme and work together with Unilever and DFID on our pilot. Their support and expertise have been pivotal in our deployment and we look forward to driving towards our shared social mission of providing widespread access to affordable and reliable renewable energy and connectivity across Kenya. ”