Connecting female health workers to underserved communities in rural Pakistan

In collaboration with TRANSFORM and Unilever Pakistan Limited, doctHERs has launched a sustainable development initiative to reach the 120 million people in rural Pakistan who lack access to affordable, quality healthcare. A gender-inclusive social business, doctHERS matches the under-utilised capacity of female doctors to the unmet needs of underserved communities. 

In this project, doctHERs will upskill, equip and deploy technology-enabled frontline female Health Workers in rural villages across Punjab and Sind. These health workers will provide awareness on different women’s health issues and connect female patients to a nationwide network of female doctors, who were previously excluded and reintegrated into the workforce by doctHERs. 

Care is coordinated between providers, labs and pharmacies, and the interactive service will be provided via HD video-consultation using a smartphone. In fact, the whole value chain is digitised to improve quality and reduce cost, including telemedicine, digital payments and e-prescriptions.

The model was designed to be sustainable, scalable and replicable across all geographies of Pakistan, as well as other emerging markets. TRANSFORM is supporting doctHERs in validating the commercial viability and technical feasibility of its service delivery model to reach 140 million customers in the rural Pakistani market at scale. By the end of the 15-month validation-stage project, doctHERs will have directly impacted 105,000 women beneficiaries (60 women per village across 1750 villages) and indirectly impacted more than 2 million beneficiaries, including women, girls and their family members. The goal is to reintegrate 100 female healthcare providers into the Pakistani workforce, to enhance the health outcomes of half a million women from 20 districts in rural Punjab.