Upskilling door-to-door sales agents to sell high-impact products to low-income households

The D2D Pro project aims to develop a support package for door-to-door (D2D) sales agents in low-income countries. D2D Pro provides training that gives sales agents the skills and knowledge to expand their basket of goods to sell high-impact pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar lamps and other impact durables to their consumer base.

This innovative training and credit access combination improves the capacity and livelihoods of the sales agents, and allows low-income households to access impact products. Furthermore, it aims to strengthen existing agent-based networks and deliver more frequent high-touch interactions at consumers’ homes.

TRANSFORM is partnering with Base of the Pyramid Innovation Center (BoPInc) to develop and pilot D2D Pro. In a ‘proof of concept’ study, BoPInc will train existing female entrepreneurs in Nigeria to sell and collect payments for solar lights, as well as providing after-sales support to the customers. In its first year, 30 agents will be trained reaching an estimated 3,000 households and 15,000 individuals.

If successful, D2D Pro could be applied to many agent-based networks and to a range of high-impact products. Over five years, D2D Pro has the potential to reach 10,000 sales agents, giving one million households access to life enhancing durables.

Emile Schmitz – BoP Innovation Center says “TRANSFORM enables us to bring our distribution concept into reality by leveraging the capabilities of Unilever and other partners like CGEP. TRANSFORM is distinctive from other programs by being highly agile and enabling us to pivot where needed in the early stages of inclusive innovation and business modelling.”