Portfolio Stories | How HappyTap and Sanergy educate and engage people on good hygiene habits

Published on: 07/09/2017




Portfolio Stories | How HappyTap and Sanergy educate and engage people on good hygiene habits

ongoing collaboration with social innovators that are striving to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals are bringing to light necessary market-based solutions to improve the quality of life in low-income households. HappyTap and Sanergy have created two projects that are changing the way underserved communities think about and use sanitation products: an affordable portable sink and low-cost sanitation facilities.

HappyTap: Changing handwashing habits in Bangladesh

It’s a childhood lesson many of us take for granted - wash your hands before cooking, eating, or after using a toilet. It’s the easiest, most cost-effective way to prevent diarrhea and infectious disease, one of the leading causes of death of children under five.

Bangladesh has made significant strides in stopping open defecation, but hygiene has not followed suit and few people wash their hands consistently. A 2012 study showed that despite a high awareness (95%) of critical times to wash hands, less than 10% of respondents did so before eating and even fewer before feeding babies.

HappyTap is changing the way we tackle this stubborn problem with a purpose-built portable sink designed to inspire people – especially children and their caregivers – to wash their hands with soap. The HappyTap has a detachable 15-litre water tank for easy refill, a custom-built spout that conserves water and a convenient soap dish. Bringing water and soap together, this accessible and affordable product is more than a piece of hardware; it was developed with behaviour change top of mind.

TRANSFORM is actively working with HappyTap to make this goal a reality, supporting them with recruitment, behaviour change insight, market research, multi-channel marketing campaigns, and distribution.

Sanergy: High-quality, low-cost sanitation for underserved communities in Kenya


Over 2.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to hygienic sanitation1 – The second largest cause of disease and one of the main sources of contaminated waterways and food supply in the world.

Low-income households in Kenya’s urban areas, which are highly populated, physically cramped and lacking in sanitation infrastructure, are struggling with this sanitation crisis.

However, by introducing Fresh Life Toilets, Sanergy is playing an active role in eradicating the sanitation crisis in Nairobi. The Fresh Life Toilet is a pre-fabricated sanitation facility that can easily be installed close to low-income households, thus providing simple and affordable access to clean toilets.

Sanergy’s franchise network of Fresh Life Toilets are operated by local residents – Fresh Life Operators – who purchase and operate them, either as small businesses or as a value-add service to their customers (such as tenants in the residential context or students at schools). The Fresh Life Operators receive ongoing marketing, business and maintenance support, ensuring they run a good business and that toilets stay clean and safe for residents.

In addition, Sanergy guarantees that human waste is safely and effectively removed from the community, before being treated and converted into organic fertiliser and animal feed to be used by local farmers.

TRANSFORM is supporting a research project to help Sanergy understand the most effective demand generation strategies to extend their model to a new informal settlement, Mathare. The research enhances the understanding of how to build habits around toilet usage through a pilot project testing an innovative sanitation delivery model and a new pricing model.”


Based on high-impact products that promote hygiene awareness and behaviour change in practice, HappyTap and Sanergy are helping to build healthier and more resilient communities.


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