Clean and connected homes to improve the quality of life in rural India

With a mission to provide low-income communities in rural India with access to socially impactful products and services, Dharma Life has developed the concept of “Clean and Connected Homes”. The organisation is looking to solve the challenges of poor water and sanitation-related infrastructure, low awareness around hygiene practices, as well as household air pollution in low-income households, through its network of trained female entrepreneurs – Dharma Life Entrepreneurs (DLEs).


A “clean and connected home” is therefore a low-income rural household aware of good health, hygiene practices and sanitation habits, which adopts effective product solutions to ensure a better quality of life at the last mile. 

Dharma Life wants households to adopt most, if not all, of the following solutions: a safe drinking water solution at home; awareness and adoption of sanitation & handwash practices; a clean cooking solution; access to clean energy and digital literacy.  

In an initial stage, the project involved designing an integrated approach to deliver a clean and connected home, testing the approach within a set sample of 200 DLEs and developing a scale-up strategy, with the support of TRANSFORM. Dharma Life will select and mentor the 200 DLEs to pilot the project, train them and convert their homes into model “clean and connected homes”. Each DLE – a trusted, digitally enabled female member of the community – will cover between two and four villages.


In parallel, Dharma Life will leverage existing best practices and design various behaviour change campaigns for rural households around access to clean drinking water and adoption of sanitation practices that enable healthy living. 

The project will be monitored using real-time analytics and will serve as a pilot to test the effectiveness of the combined and cohesive behaviour change campaigns towards creating more “clean and connected homes”.