WATER Bangladesh

A platform to tackle South Asia’s water crisis

Drinkwell is a social enterprise that drives safe water consumption through a decentralised platform, providing clean water to over 250,000 people in South Asia. The Drinkwell technology removes contaminants from water using a gravity-fed process, which reduces energy costs and wasted water by more than 95% compared to other technologies. The project is launching “Shuddo Panir Juddho” (meaning ‘the Battle for Safe Water’ in Bangla), a marketing campaign promoting safe drinking water practices. The aim is to drive households to purchase affordable Drinkwell cards, a radio-frequency identification (RFID) card that can be purchased at storefronts, via door to door agents, as well as at Drinkwell Water ATM Booths.

Their unique customer ID enables access to premium content, as well as discounts on purchasing safe water subscriptions and filtration equipment. A network of 43,000 Drinkwell card-holders in urban Dhaka has already been built and is ready to scale to rural Bangladesh, thanks to partnerships with governmental and private entities.

The Shuddo Panir Juddho platform will also add a critical marketing and awareness component to ensure project sustainability, through the creation of audio and video content. Its aim is to drive traffic to safe water sources that already exist in water-stressed areas, thereby decreasing customer acquisition costs of safe drinking water systems, as uptake remains a critical issue.


TRANSFORM will support the pilot, testing four types of content across Bangladesh and West Bengal to assess uptake and measure eventual adoption of safe drinking water services. This can drive utilisation rates of existing community water systems and household filtration systems, which ultimately improves access to safe drinking water.

Over the next 18 months, Drinkwell will deploy 220 safe water systems across Bangladesh and West Bengal. The ultimate goal is to have 100,000 users on the platform, of which 25,000 will have access to safe drinking water from the network of stakeholders, who offer their products and services through the platform.